Our Values

  • We love to code

    Most of our task involve code. So we take care of the code for you. Just give us the concept and we code for you

  • Delivery Guaranteed

    We understand that many of the developer out there did not deliver the right solution for you. With custom code. We can guarantee your concept get delivered.

  • No re-use codes

    Most of the developer nowadays re-use their code just to meet the deadline. Re-use the code developed for someone else does not guarantee the compatibility with your concept.

  • Efficient Business

    We believe efficient business comes from great tools. Developing tools for your business is our passion.

Recent Update

  • What you need to know before setting up your own web server

    If you had been thinking about setting up your own web server. You probably want to get some information about the requirement and basic knowledge on it. So, here it is: DNS Knowledge You will need to know some basic about DNS,¬†which will involve setting up FQDN(Fully Qualified Domain Name), for your server to setup […]

  • Send Whatsapp from Blogspot?

    Hi there! Have you ever wondering on how to create a link on blogspot that can trigger a send message on whatsapp? here it is, the guide on how to do this. we will use javascript: <script> window.location=”https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60123456789&text=hello!”; </script> yep. basically. that is the code. <script> window.location= “https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60123456789”; </script> change your number in the code […]

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