AiCS Businesses (002224750-V)

Hamizulfaiz Bin Sapwan is the founder of this business. It started individually first on 2010 after graduated from Diploma of Computer Science in UiTM Malacca. Then decided to register the business after seeing an opportunity to go further in the future.

On year 2010, Faiz founded a business named Ai Services & Trading to run the business. Since the name was not suitable, It later changed to this name AiCS Businesses on 2013.

AiCS means, Artificial Intelligence Code Specialist. This idea came when Faiz is having his coffee at the coffeehouse near the Times Square at that time, after few ideas thrown to the paper. AiCS Businesses rings the bell quite well.

The passion in programming is inside FAiZ, which then poured into this business. The range of web development that can be developed by AiCS is vast!

AiCS successfully developed a donation site for Projek Iqra, which is a custom web to receive donation from the public. Intergrates with the payment gateway and many more features. Projek Iqra is the successful development from AiCS.

Furthermore AiCS then developed a system for the client to take the PUNB Biz Challenge. That system successfully reach to be the finalist of the PUNB Biz Challenge.

To take on the new era of business, we are ready to develop any system that ease business process.